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Style is a concept which varies over centuries and countries.

With regard to meaning, it is an essential aesthetic category. Applied to human beings, art, and things it has fundamentally differentiating power. In this case it is a programme.

Styleagenda will feature artists, their works and ideas. Normally, they are not part of existing discourses.
Main idea of styleagenda is to cultivate the distance between artificial objects and represented ideas. It never ignores but reflects the fundamental sacrifice, on which culture is based. It rejects consumptive desire.

The medium of representation acts as a repeated distance. E.g. a dance is only shown as a set of pictures on the screen, not as a movement in a room. For this reason, all members have to be extremely creative to introduce their individual interpretations of style in differentiating ways. So, styleagenda acts as a mirror of creativity, not as a stage of desire.