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2012-02-18 - NEW OBJECTS
New website: www.object-objects.com
On a new webiste the Sixteen Object-Objects introduce their relatives: New Objects and Small Objects.

2010-12-10 - WEBSITE LIFE-AT
A new website provides additional information about selling paintings of Shee, Wambua, and Dixon Kariuki at Bamburi Beach in Kenyan North Coast. Address: www.life-at.com . Selling goods at a beach also follows a typical style. Read more at life-at!

2010-11-06 - PRESENTATION
A series of recent printings of Ulrich Hermanns was presented at the annual colloquium of the German association Psychoanalyse und Philosophie on 6th Nov. 2010 in Düsseldorf. He furthermore lectured a short essay which was followed by a prolific discussion. Many thanks to the audience and to all other artists!

An initial presentation of the printings of Ulrich Hermanns was given on the occasion of the annual conference of the German association Psychoanalyse und Philosophie on art in October 2009. An excerpt from Sixteen object-objects was shown, accompanied by lecturing a chapter of a recent essay. Seven other members presented individual works of art, from songs, to poems, a short story, and a composition of Neue Musik from Axel Schünemann.

2009-09-15 - ESSAY
Ulrich Hermanns has published an essay on the esthetic concept of his work. Available on www.object-objects.com Title is Sixteen Object-Objects.

2008-10-10 - NEW ARTIST
Kenyan artist Shee is new on styleagenda.com

2008-10-10 - NEW ARTIST
Wambua from Mombasa / Kenya is new on styleagenda.com

2008-03-05 - NEW ARTIST
Dixon Kariyuki from Bamburi Beach close to Mombasa / Kenya is new on styleagenda.com

2007-09-06 - NEW ARTISTS
Heinz Kehren and Karlheinz Koch from Germany are new on styleagenda.com

2007-08-16 - NEW ARTIST
Xavi Guerra Garcia from Spain is new on styleagenda.com

2007-06-11 - THANKS
Thanks to Thomas Philippi from Solingen / Germany, for photography of the screenprintings, and Martin Bach, Offenbach, for programming the website!

2007-06-10 - StyleAgenda is online
Styleagenda is online since June 2007. We will continuously inform about any news.
Tom Hoffmann and Ulli (Ulrich) Hermanns